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IpsiHand™ user stories speak for themselves.

"My ability to be independent is stronger. It feels good." -Monica

Monica's Story

John Michael's Story

Deenan's Story

Robert's Story

Mark's Story

How IpsiHand Works

Get a peek at what makes the IpsiHand so ground-breaking.

Stroke survivor Mark Forrest's inspiring journey with Neurolutions' non-invasive EEG headset highlights the transformative power of neurorehabilitation.

Learn how to set up the Neurolutions IpsiHand system so you can get started on your journey to regain use of your hand after a stroke.

Unveil the future of neurorehabilitation with the IpsiHand system, empowering stroke patients to regain hand control through brain-computer interface technology.

Learn how the IpsiHand system by Neurolutions empowers stroke survivors to regain hand control and independence by harnessing the power of their mind, revolutionizing stroke rehabilitation.

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