Arm Weakness after a stroke? Ipsihand may work for you.

Do I Qualify?

Don’t Just Manage Your Condition
Start to Restore Mobility

So, what’s your next step?

IpsiHand uses your healthy brain activity when thinking about movement to retrain a new part of your brain to control your disabled arm. Fill out the form to see if you qualify.

Comparing Orthotic and Therapeutic Devices

How Orthotic and Therapeutics Compare

IpsiHand helps you heal. An orthotic only helps you while it is being worn.

IpsiHand: The Only Therapeutic Device for Regaining Movement

The Neurolutions IpsiHand stands out as the premier Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) with FDA clearance. It’s engineered as a powerful therapeutic device, specifically targeting and enhancing the brain’s motor network system.

Success with IpsiHand

Hear from Heidi


“I started seeing results 3 weeks after I started. It was just the pinch, then I was able to wiggle my thumb.”

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