Arm Weakness after a stroke? Ipsihand may work for you.

Do I Qualify?

Healthcare Professionals and Clinical Sites FAQ

Questions for Healthcare Professionals and Clinical Sites

Which patient diagnoses qualify to use the IpsiHand?
Currently, the IpsiHand is indicated for chronic stroke survivors 18 years and older with upper limb weakness due to stroke.
How much active movement is necessary to use the IpsiHand?

No active movement is necessary to use the IpsiHand System due to the brain-based control mechanism, however, full passive movement of the elbow, wrist and digits is recommended to comfortably wear the device.

How can I schedule an in-service about the IpsiHand at my clinic?

If you’re interested in more information about in-services at your facility or being an early adopter clinical site, email us at

How long would a patient need to use the IpsiHand to have the potential to see results?

Subjects across our clinical studies utilized the IpsiHand for 1 hour per day, 5 to days a week for a total of 12 weeks in those who were 6 or more months post-stroke. Subjects in our clinical trials used the IpsiHand system at home for the total duration of the study. Across all clinical studies, 100% of the subjects demonstrated improvement on the primary outcome measure. A total of 66.7% of these subjects exceeded the minimal clinical important difference (MCID). The MCID is the smallest change in a treatment outcome that an individual patient would identify as an important improvement.