Arm Weakness after a stroke? Ipsihand may work for you.

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IpsiHand™ user stories speak for themselves.

Play testimonial videoHeidi

“I started seeing results 3 weeks after I started. It was just the pinch, then I was able to wiggle my thumb.”

Play testimonial videoRobert

“I can actually grip the bottom of my coffee cup and open containers.”

Play testimonial videoDeenan

“After using the IpsiHand, I am able to dress myself. Make my bed, wash dishes, and cook my own breakfast again.”

Play testimonial videoJohn Michael

“When I saw my fingers move again, it was awesome!”

Play testimonial videoMark

“I’ve made progress using the IpsiHand. Now I have arm, finger, and wrist movement. It got me motivated to build my own fishing boat.”

Play testimonial videoMonica

“My ability to be independent is stronger. It feels good.”

Chris A.

“Wonderful innovative tool that makes sense and I have back my affected hand 18 year post stroke!”


“It’s really good!”


“I knew the IpsiHand was helping when one day I opened the refrigerator and put something in the refrigerator and closed the door, all with my weaker arm.”

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Get a peek at what makes the IpsiHand so ground-breaking.

Play Featured on Bloomberg video

Stroke survivor Mark Forrest’s inspiring journey with Neurolutions’ non-invasive EEG headset highlights the transformative power of neurorehabilitation.

Play How IpsiHand Works video

Unveil the future of neurorehabilitation with the IpsiHand system, empowering stroke patients to regain hand control through brain-computer interface technology.

Play Mark's video

Mark’s Journey to Get Back on the Water

Play IpsiHand Tips video

Learn how to set up the Neurolutions IpsiHand system so you can get started on your journey to regain use of your hand after a stroke.

Play How IpsiHand Works video

Learn how the IpsiHand system by Neurolutions empowers stroke survivors to regain hand control and independence by harnessing the power of their mind, revolutionizing stroke rehabilitation.

Play Neurolutions and Kandu's video

Neurolutions & Kandu: A Decade of Innovation