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Harness the power

of the mind.

The IpsiHand is the first FDA-cleared device leveraging brain-computer interface technology to assist chronic stroke patients in rehabilitation. The device utilizes the uninjured, or ipsilateral, side of the brain to improve arm and hand function.


Reclaiming Independence

Approximately 300,000 Americans each year suffer from post-stroke hemiparesis. Hemiparesis in the upper extremity results in decreased ability to complete activities of daily living and limit functional use and motor control of their arm and hand. 


Breakthrough Solution

The IpsiHand offers the potential to regain the ability to perform the basic upper extremity tasks essential to daily life. Brain-computer interface technology can be used to assist patients in chronic stroke rehabilitation by leveraging the patient's uninjured side of the brain to open and close the robotic handpiece.

The IpsiHand System

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A lightweight, adjustable, battery-powered, robotic device worn over a stroke patient’s impaired hand, wrist, and forearm. The IpsiHand robotic handpiece physically opens and closes the patient's hand in response to the patient's thoughts.

Robotic Handpiece


A wireless EEG electrode device worn on the head and used to measure the patient's brain signals; these signals are analyzed by the system to determine the patient's intent to move their affected hand, and translates the signals into motor movement of the robotic skeleton, resulting in opening and closing of the impaired hand.



The tablet is the interface to the IpsiHand therapy and communicates with the overall system, including the headset and the wearable robotic handpiece. An application running on the tablet guides the patient through the therapy session and provides for seamless upload of usage and performance data to the cloud.


To find out if IpsiHand might help you, and download

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Indications for use

 The Neurolutions IpsiHand Upper Extremity Rehabilitation System is indicated for use in chronic stroke patients (≥ 6 months post-stroke) age 18 or older undergoing stroke rehabilitation, to facilitate muscle

re-education and for maintaining or increasing range of motion in the upper extremity. 

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