Arm Weakness after a stroke? Ipsihand may work for you.

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Kelly C.

Kelly C.


“With 100% honesty, I have seen greater motor recovery in a few short months for my clients using the IpsiHand compared to hundreds of clients I have treated over the years spent in traditional therapy or use of other technologies. My clients who are using the IpsiHand are highly motivated after seeing their success so quickly after living with chronic paralysis. I have never seen excitement surround rehabilitation like this before. It is so significant to watch a user of the IpsiHand progress what is called severely disabled to
minimally disabled In 12 weeks after being chronically paralyzed following a stroke. One of the most rewarding things I have ever been a part of. The team at Neurolutions truly care about people getter better and getting back to their life before stroke. The Neurolutions team is genuinely about supporting each other and our users.”