Arm Weakness after a stroke? Ipsihand may work for you.

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Regain Arm Movement with IpsiHand™

Reclaim your life after stroke with brain-activated home therapy.

Reclaim your life after stroke with brain-activated home therapy. IpsiHand is the brain-computer interface technology that is FDA-cleared to accelerate motor recovery after a stroke.

IpsiHand is designed to empower individuals to complete at-home rehabilitation sessions on their own, in their own home.

IpsiHand recognizes your intent to more your impaired arm of hand from the healthy parts of your brain, and the system works together to support this rewiring.

Reclaim Life After Stroke

1. Understanding Your Impairment

Motor cortex damage can result in impaired motor function, limiting arm and hand movement. The muscles in the arm and hand are fine, but the brain has a hard time connecting.

2. How IpsiHand Works

As you concentrate on moving the affected hand, healthy parts of the brain produce signals that are sensed by the EEG headset. IpsiHand recognizes your intent, and the system opens and closes the handpiece in response.

3. The Next Step of Rehabilitation 

Repeated therapy may improve motor function by strengthening connections and encouraging new pathways to healthy parts of the brain.

Hear the testimonials

Stroke survivors gain back mobility and their independence every day by using IpsiHand. Their stories speak for themselves.

“I can actually grip my coffee cup and open containers.”

Robert's Story

“After using the IpsiHand, I am able to dress myself. Make my bed, wash dishes, and cook my own breakfast again.”

Deenean's Story

“I’ve made progress using the IpsiHand. Now I have arm, finger, and wrist movement. It got me motivated to build my own fishing boat.”

Mark's Story

Recovering from stroke and believe IpsiHand may revitalize your recovery? See if you qualify today.

Clinically-Backed Science for Stroke Recovery

Persistent Recovery

People who benefit from IpsiHand experience the benefit long after they have ended treatment.

Arm + Hand

Although IpsiHand focuses therapy on the hand, it has been shown to benefit the whole arm.

Clinical Trials

In 3 clinical trials, IpsiHand therapy has been shown to improve function in the upper extremity after stroke.

Learn more about ipsihand

The IpsiHand Upper Extremity Rehabilitation System is an at-home therapy for stroke recovery. It uses your healthy brain actvity when thinking about movement to retrain a new part of your brain to control your impaired hand or arm.

IpsiHand comprises of three components:


People who benefit from IpsiHand experience the benefit long after they have ended treatment


The non-invasive EEG headset measures electronic signals from the uninjured brain hemisphere, capturing the user’s “intention to move” the impaired hand.


The tablet provides wireless interface between the handpiece and the headset to guide the user through a therapy session